Donate for Foundry Church

You see the impact we make when not only our voices, but our gifts of time, talent, and treasure are shared. Some highlights of the past year include: 
  • Increased hospitality ministry and outreach 
  • Growing worship attendance 
  • Liturgy and music enhancements 
  • New adult study opportunities 
  • Launched new small groups 
  • Creatively maintained Children’s Ministry, even in a time of challenge and loss 
  • Advocated significantly for LGBTQ at Annual Conference 
  • Strengthened mission partnerships such as Sanctuary DMV 
  • Responded to immediate context and mobilized through Sacred Resistance 
As we look ahead, there are some i\portant steps to take and shifts to make on the horizon. It’s a song we can only sing together. I hope you’ll take the time to review what follows and consider the variety of opportunities to change the world through the mission and ministry of Foundry Church.